• Recital Information

  • Recital Fees:The first student in the family is $65.00. Additional dancers are $50.00. You will receive fifteen tickets for the evenings performance and the recital programs are free. Everyone that needs a seat will need a ticket. If you do not use all of your tickets, please return them to our office. If you need additional tickets you can sign-up in the office on our ticket list.

    Costume Fees:

    Costumes Combo $85.00 (3&4 year old's only, they get 2 in 1 costume total $85.00)

    Costumes Combo $70.00 (5&6 year old need 2 costumes total $140)

    Child Size 12/14 $75.00

    Adult Size S/A - L/A $80.00 (per costume)

    Adult Size XLA $85.00 (per costume)

     *** These prices do not include the cost of tights, alterations and other accessories such as shoe ribbons, props, etc. **Alterations will be the responsibility of the dance parent. Costume returns for size or exchange will be billed accordingly***If you were charged $70.00 for your child's costume and received an additional $5.00 after paying for costumes, your child must have taken an adult size.All alterations are the responsibility of the parent. These prices do not include the cost of tights, props, shoes, or returning the costume if the costume does not fit the dancer. (Shipping, and restocking fees are the responsibility of the dance parent, these are charges from the costume companies.) You will be billed accordingly.


  • Dress Rehearsal

    Dress rehearsal will be held the morning of the recital. You will need to be at the University of North Florida's Performing Arts Center no later than 8:30 A.M. please label all costumes and dance shoes.

    The dancers need to come dressed in their first dance costume that they will perform in at the recital. Put their remaining costumes in their designated dressing room and leave them with their back stage mom. You will need to go to the audience for a quick parent meeting and to receive your backstage passes for the evening’s recital. Make sure you bring your dancer a change of clothes to go home in after dress rehearsal. We will ask you to leave all of their costumes at the auditorium. This way no one takes something home and forgets to bring it back. All of the dressing rooms will be locked after dress rehearsal, so no need to worry about theft. Please keep your dancer backstage during dress rehearsal. The backstage moms will be looking for your dancer to line them up. If your child goes into the audience we will not be able to find him/her and they will not be able to perform their dance. Dress rehearsal sometimes can last a long time, so please pack a lunch. Bring drinks with lids on them. Costumes cannot be washed. Have your child wear a big shirt over their costume while eating.

    Backstage Passes

    You will be given one backstage pass. This pass is to be worn on your shirt so that you can get back in forth in the backstage area during the actual recital. No persons will be allowed backstage without a pass on their shirt. Only adults 18 and older will be given a pass. This is to protect your dancers. No dancers are to go into the audience the night of the recital. If any dancer goes into the audience they will not be allowed back to complete their routines. You will be given this pass at dress rehearsal, so please listen for your name to be called.

  • Recital Night

    You will need to have your dancer back at the auditorium no later than 6:00 P.M. Please get them dressed in their first costume, leave them with their backstage mom and you can go to the audience. You will need to return backstage after each of your dancers routines to help change them. Their backstage mom is only there to line them up. Make sure you have your backstage pass. We will have a T.V. set up backstage for your child’s convenience with the recital showing. They can watch the recital as it is happening. They do not need to go into the audience.

    Your child can only go into the audience after they have completed all of their dances. If you do take them in the audience after they have completed all of their dances, you must change them to regular clothes. If you are seen in the Audience with your dancer in costume you will be charged a clean up fee. ($35.00 fee.)


    Please park in the UNF parking garage on the second floor or higher. Parking passes are sold as soon as you come onto the Campus if you look over to your right for $5.00. Please do not forget to get your pass or you will receive a ticket. You cannot park in the loading dock at the auditorium. That parking is for the auditorium staff and for The World of Dance staff. You will be towed.


    We do suggest that you put a little make-up on your children. The stage lighting washes out the color in their little faces.


  • Video Cameras

    No video Cameras are allowed at the auditorium the night of the recital. Please inform your guest. We will have our recital professionally tape. You can video at dress rehearsal, but cannot bring them in the building that evening.


    No flash photography allowed at dress rehearsal or at the recital. (Due to the safety of our performers.) No cameras allowed in the building. Please inform your guest.

    Recital Party

    Millers Ale House Video Party - check office for date.

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