• Studio Policies – World of Dance

  • Registration Fees:

    There is a yearly $40.00 non-refundable registration fee due at registration per child.

    Monthly Tuition:

    Monthly tuition fees are due the first dance lesson of each month. ***If tuition is paid on 15th of the month your account is late and will be charged a $15.00 late fee. We accept payments by mail, and at the dance studio before and after dance class. We accept cash, Visa, Master Card and personal checks. If you pay the full year in advance you will receive a 10% discount. ***Recital fees must be paid at this time. $65.00 per student/ $50.00 each child after. No discount on recital fees.*****

    There is a $25.00 return check fee on all returned checks.

    Monthly Rate: (First Child) Monthly Rate: (2nd Child)
    One class per week-$65.00 One class weekly-$50.00
    Two classes per week-$95.00 Two classes per week-$75.00
    Three classes per week- $125.00 Three classes per week-$95.00
    Four classes per week-$160.00 Four classes per week-$110.00
    Five classes per week-$170.00 Five classes per week-$120.00
    1 Student Unlimited per month- $200.00 2 Students Unlimited per month$300.00

    Monthly Rate: (3rd Child)
    One class per week-$40.00
    Two classes per week-$60.00
    Three classes per week-$75.00
    Four classes per week-$90.00
    Five classes per week-$105.00
    3 Students per month Unlimited -$350.00

    *10% off entire tuition bill if tuition is paid in full at time of registration. Recital fees must also be paid in full at this time. There is no deduction off recital fees. (This payment will be non-refundable). $65.00 for the first student-$50.00 for every student after. This payment will pay the dancer through the month of May. You will be billed for June accordingly.


    Returned Check Fee Policy:

    If you have a returned check, your account will be charged a $35.00 return check fee. You will then have to make your payment to the studio in cash only. If you write any additional returned checks you will have to continue the rest of your payments in cash only or by credit card.

    Late Fees:

    A late fee of $15.00 will be billed to your account automatically on the 15th of each month. Monthly tuition is due when your dancer comes to his/her first dance class each month. We accept payments by mail, and at the beginning of each dance class at the dance studio. If paying by mail your payment must be postmarked by the 15th of the month. Late fees are billed every month on any balance due. Dance payments are due on the first of each month.

    Missed Classes:

    We stress that you have your dancer try to make it to every class. It is very important for them to get the technical training that they need. After the Holidays we really get busy with the recital routines. When dancers miss it not only hurts them, but the entire class. There are no refunds for missed classes. It is the dancers responsibility to learn missed choreography. If your dancer continues to miss classes at recital time, he/she may be asked to drop out of the annual show.

    Make-Up Classes:

    It is up to the dance parent to call the studio and schedule the make-up classes.

    There are no make-up classes after the month of January.

    Class Enrollment:

    If any class, including performing company class has less than eight paying students it may be combined with another class. If there is not an equal level class to combine the class with the class may be canceled.

    Viewing Windows:

    Our viewing windows are opened every six weeks for family viewing. We do not allow parents or dancers’ friends in the dance rooms. This also includes the parents of our preschoolers. This distracts the dancers and interrupts our teacher’s classes. The viewing windows will no longer be opened after the month of February due to the production of the recital dances.

    Student Pick-Up Policy:

    Please be on time picking up your dancers. After the first time this occurrence, you will be billed a $5.00 per 10 minute baby-sitting charge. Please come into the dance studio to get your child. Dancers are not allowed to stand outside the building. We would like for everyone to please use our driveway, it is much safer and more private.

    Dress Code

    Acrobatic Classes Pointe
    Any color of leotard and tights or biker short Theatrical pink tights
    Athenian Acrobatic shoes-by Dance Shuz Black leotard
    Hair must be out of their face
    No street clothes allowed
    Hair in a bun w/bangs slicked back
    Pointe Shoes depends on dancer


    Leotard, Sweat Pants, Shorts/Shirt
    Hip-Hop shoes Black or Black sneakers
    Hair must be out of their face



    Hair pulled back out of face
    sports top or leotard, dance shorts or dance leggings

    Tan jazz shoes(Capezio showstopper jazz shoe CP05)


    Hair pulled back out of face
    sports top or leotard
    dance shorts or dance leggings
    tan foot lyrical shoe (Body Wrappers lyrical shoe 620)


    Ballet  Turn Class
    Theatrical pink tights Any color leotard and tights
    Black leotard Footless tights
    Bloch pink leather split sole (Pro lite II) Foot thongs-Tan by Dance Shuz
    Hair in a bun w/bangs slicked back Hair must be worn in a bun or low Pony tail


    Combo classes Ballet/Tap Combo Class Jazz/Tap
    Hair pulled back out of face Hair pulled back out of face

    Pink or tan dance tights, any color leotard
    Dance skirts and shorts are allowed

    Pink or tan dance tights, any color leotard
    dance skirts and shorts are allowed 

    Pink Ballet Shoes (Capezio Daisy Ballet Shoe C205)
    and tan tap shoes (Bloch merry Jane Tap Shoe S0352)
    Tan Jazz shoes (Capezio showstopper jazz shoe CP05)
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